Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New York City!!!!

It's been tooo long since I've posted something on here...I've been dying to post this little book I made for my mom (well, actually I made three - one for my SIL and myself too), but I had to wait until after I gave it to her.  My sister-in-law and I bought three round trip tickets and a hotel stay in NYC for my mom and of course for us - Mandy (SIL) and myself!  It was a surprise for Mom for Christmas.  We wanted to make her guess what her gift was so I made this little keepsake book for her (and one for Mandy and me!) and wrapped it up and gave it to her for Christmas.  It took her a few pages, but by the end she had it figured out!  :)  Here are a few of the pages as well as a pic of Mom and a pic of Mandy opening their books!

Cover of Mom's book.

back cover of all 3


Leaving on a Jet Plane....or hey, can someone get me a TAXI

Look's times square (we'll be staying on the square!) and a suitcase...

coffee shops and playbills

It's a girls weekend - gotta have envelopes for receipts and pics!

Pack your bags....we're going in January!

Mom has figured it out!!!  She was shocked - my little brother's comment to me was "great one, you about gave her a heart attack!"  Perfect - we got the reaction we were looking for!  She was shocked!

Mandy (my older bro's wife) with her keepsake book!  All smiles.....

The weekend of our trip is almost here, and we can't wait!  It's going to be a great girls getaway!  More pictures to post when we return!  :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Boy

My  neighbors welcomed their new baby boy into their home last week.  I thought I'd make them a little card to go with their "welcome baby" gift.  This is my first attempt at a New Baby turned out okay.