Monday, December 27, 2010

What Thirty-One can do for YOU!

 As you can see I was able to fill up the large utility tote with several of the packages I needed to take with us!
Don't mind my feet in this picture!  I wanted to show you the view from above though with how roomy this tote really is!  It really did makes things a lot easier to carry!

If you are interested in this product and/or company or would like to host a party, please contact me or visit

I'll be happy to answer all your questions! 

More Cards

I hope each of you  had a wonderful Christmas!  I know here in the Newman household, we had a great weekend!  But now it's Monday which means back to sad!  Here are a few more Christmas Cards I whipped up on Christmas Eve for some family members.....

I made a couple of these cute little tags for some gifts to Scott and for some gifts to my mom from my dad - i end up wrapping all her gifts from him every year anyway...I may as well have fun while I do it!  :)

This last picture is my bonus son and three nephews in their new Purdue football jerseys at Nini and Papaw's house!  LtoR: Seth, Colin, Rhett and Wes

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Yummies for some Co-workers' Tummies and Treat Bags too!

Yesterday, I had a day off from "real" job!  I spent the day making holiday sweet treats!  Today, I have some photos of those as well as the cute little treat bags I made for my boss, my co-manager and our usual truck driver!  I hope you enjoy these!  The bags were super simple to make and just add a little flare and holiday spirit!  I will give these along with the cards I made a few days that were posted on a previous blog!  I hope you all have a safe and joyous holiday!  Happy Crafting!

a close up of the bags - not a great picture but you get the idea - the little stamp on the bottom says "yummy for your tummy"!  Cute, huh?  That's a Pink By Design stamp from Tags N Treats!

A trio of the bags I made!

Some of the yummies.....

A friend wanted to borrow some holiday cookie cutters, so I bundled some up and threw in a cute little tag to add a little spirit!  :)  She thinks I'm funny!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cookies and tasty treats!!!

Today's post isn't so much crafty, but it is very tasty!  Here are a few easy sweet treats I've made recently....I'm thinking either Friday or one day next week is going to be  a HUGE baking day!  I have all kinds of candies, etc. I want to make, but it needs to be close enough to Christmas that I can pawn them off on family, friends and co-workers!  Otherwise, I'll eat them all up!  Recipes to follow if interested.....Thanks for looking and Happy Crafting!

These were for Scott's birthday - no the holidays but still fun and tasty!

More birthday fun!

Mmm...Grandma's 7 layer cookie bars (although she hasn't made them for years - my lil bro and SIL always request them, so I oblige - how can you not when they taste sooo incredibly good)!!!  Made these for Thanksgiving and will again for Christmas!

Used a Wilton embossing kit on these.  The snowflakes turned out gorgeous!  My nephews (7, 4 and 2) loved them!

Snowmen and Christmas trees didn't turn out quite as nice as the snowflakes...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More cards and a "Page a Day" cover...

So for the month of December, "Page A Day" books seem to be all the rage.  I thought I'd give it a try.  I learned a lot while creating this book.  I definitely know what to do differently next time, but overall, for my first attempt, I'm pretty pleased with the results.  Today, I have the cover of that project to show you as well as two more holiday cards I have made for my co-workers.  Hope you enjoy!  Happy Crafting!  This last photo has nothing to do with paper crafts - I just thought I'd share my favorite Christmas ornament with all of you.  It's the first one on the tree every year! 

Front cover of first December Page a Day album!

A card for someone who's had a rough going the last couple of months - hoping they can find peace this holiday season!

Holiday card for a co-worker.

My favorite Christmas ornament!

Holiday Cards

So this holiday card from scratch idea is new for me!  I've never handmade cards like this before.  I must say though, that I find it very rewarding!  It seems to be my favorite part of the gifts I have given so far this holiday season!  This blog is a new concept for me as well.  I follow several blogs and it looks like a lot of fun (and work!).  I'm going to give it a whirl and see how it goes!  I hope I can allow myself enough time to get frequent updates and posts!  In the meantime, welcome to my blog and I hope you like what you see!  Happy Crafting!

I have a few more I will add tomorrow!  I hope you like them...if you do, please, become a follower and suggest my page to your friends as well!