Saturday, December 18, 2010

Yummies for some Co-workers' Tummies and Treat Bags too!

Yesterday, I had a day off from "real" job!  I spent the day making holiday sweet treats!  Today, I have some photos of those as well as the cute little treat bags I made for my boss, my co-manager and our usual truck driver!  I hope you enjoy these!  The bags were super simple to make and just add a little flare and holiday spirit!  I will give these along with the cards I made a few days that were posted on a previous blog!  I hope you all have a safe and joyous holiday!  Happy Crafting!

a close up of the bags - not a great picture but you get the idea - the little stamp on the bottom says "yummy for your tummy"!  Cute, huh?  That's a Pink By Design stamp from Tags N Treats!

A trio of the bags I made!

Some of the yummies.....

A friend wanted to borrow some holiday cookie cutters, so I bundled some up and threw in a cute little tag to add a little spirit!  :)  She thinks I'm funny!

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  1. Lisa, that's awesome of you to do! I love it! That's so thoughtful!