Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More cards and a "Page a Day" cover...

So for the month of December, "Page A Day" books seem to be all the rage.  I thought I'd give it a try.  I learned a lot while creating this book.  I definitely know what to do differently next time, but overall, for my first attempt, I'm pretty pleased with the results.  Today, I have the cover of that project to show you as well as two more holiday cards I have made for my co-workers.  Hope you enjoy!  Happy Crafting!  This last photo has nothing to do with paper crafts - I just thought I'd share my favorite Christmas ornament with all of you.  It's the first one on the tree every year! 

Front cover of first December Page a Day album!

A card for someone who's had a rough going the last couple of months - hoping they can find peace this holiday season!

Holiday card for a co-worker.

My favorite Christmas ornament!


  1. Cute Lisa! I figured you were into something of the sort, considering all the times I have ran into you @ Hobby Lobby! Looks good!

  2. By the way- its me Lindsey, not Jason….but I am sure he would agree! :)

  3. lol...Thanks, Lindsey! I hope you guys are ready for a joyous holiday! :)