Wednesday, January 2, 2013

'Stashing through the Snow

My Friend, Sara, is currently infatuated with mustashes.  She saw a picture of a mustashe ornaments and thought it would be fun to make these ornaments but wasn't sure how to go about it.  It was really pretty easy.  I bought large, round, frosted ornaments from Hobby Lobby as well as mustashe stickers.  I already all the other materials.  We poured hairspray (cheap-o hairspray) into the ornaments and made sure to coat the inside.  We dumped out the excess.  Then, we poured glitter in each ornament and shook them all around to be sure the entire inside of each ornament was coated with a nice solid coat of glitter.   From there, we put on the stickers - Yes, the letters took a little patience, but it was well worth it!  From there, we sprayed the outside of the ornaments with more hairspray and "dipped" the bottoms in MS white flocking powder.  The red ornament, I actually dipped into a white glitter.  This hopefully gives off a "covered in snow" effect.  To finish off the ornaments, we selected ribbon from my stash and attached it to the top of the ornaments so we could hand them from the tree!  I hope you like our craftiness!  We had fun creating these...oh and these really took no time at all!  Super simple, easy & fun!