Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New York New York!!!

Today, I just have a few quick pictures from New York!  I hope you enjoy them!  We definitely enjoyed being there!  I think all three of us (my mom, sister-in-law and myself) had silly grins on our faces then entire time we were in NYC!  We had so much fun!

John Lennon Imagine Mosaic in Central Park

being silly atop the ROCK

True Tourists!!!  I was laughing so hard at them (mom and SIL) right then...we were in Central Park!

Snow People all over the Park - this is my Sister in Law and myself!

Central Park in the winter is gorgeous!

It's Rupert!

Silly Grins!

Minnie and Mickey in NYC?!?!?

looking down from atop the ROCK

NYC - pretty quiet from up here!

Yep, it's the Empire State Building!

This ice rink is so small up close!

The ROCK - we were all the way up there!

My Favorite Store!

Getting ready for our TV debut - apparently, my brother loves Jenna Wolf...who knew?!?!?

LOL - this is one for my bro - his wife and his TV crush!

Radio City Music Hall

NBC Studios - we watched them prepare the set for that night's SNL!  Very Cool!

The City That Never Sleeps!

That was our trip in a nutshell.....oh but I didn't post pics of any food - hmmm...FYI - CRUMBS bakery is ALL IT IS CRACKED UP TO BE!  Hope you enjoyed your tour of NYC!  Till next time.....Lisa

PS - Happy Crafting!

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