Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Old Time Fun

I want to start this off by saying I am a very BLESSED person.  I have a great family who is very supporting as well.  I am (let's just say) 30-something, and I have two incredible parents (who are STILL married to each other), two awesome brothers (Yes girls, brothers get better as we age!), and fantastic husband and bonus son!  I also have the best GRANDMA a person could ever ask for.  She's (we'll say) 70-something and  continues to live life to the fullest!  She has always been an independent (though  married to my grandpa until he died of cancer in 2000), strong, intelligent, gorgeous, stubborn, on the go kind of person.  I idealize her more and more then older I get.  She lives about 9 hours from me so I only get to see her a couple times a year.  My husband and son have never been down to her place so they've only seen her when she is surrounded by all of our family and rushing to see everyone in her short visits up here.  A few weeks ago, Colin was on spring break, so we loaded up the car and drove down to Grandma's for a few days! 

HOLY COW - we all had a blast.  I think Colin and Scott were both shocked, dumbfounded and truly impressed with Grandma's energy.  Me?  I just loved spending the time with her and watching Scott and Colin really see the true lady I know as Grandma and have known and loved all my life.  I want to show you a few pictures so you can see how incredible she is too!

That's my grandma on a zipline!And here's me:
The boys, well, they wouldn't do it.  But Grandma and I had a blast.  This is definitely a moment with my granny, I will NEVER foget!  Here's a few more pics from our weekend together.
Getting Ready to zip line as Colin looks on.

My catfish - grandma and grandpa always took us fishing when we were kids.  This is by far the biggest catch (other than Scott of course), I've ever made!

We walked in the door - the margaritas were waiting!

At a natural spring and original cavern opening.

Lisa, Colin & Grandma - look at the waterfall!

Scott and Grandma at a VFW memorial in Cherokee Village, Arkansas.

The lake Grandma lives on.  We were out on the pontoon boat as sunset.  Purty, huh!  

Okay now for the crafts - I know, you've been waiting long enough!  
I am mailing this card to grandma with a little message and a card Colin is making as well.  We're going to thank her for a great weekend and send her some pictures of our time together.  On this card I used, (look close) Pink By Design Crinkle Ribbon.   The sentiment is also from PBD - "enjoy the journey" set.  The paper is from We R Memory Keepers Tres Elegant stack.

The inside of grandma's card!

While we were gone, my friend Sara, looked after our mail and some deliveries we had coming.  I made this card to thank her.  This sentiment (found on the Say It Sweet PBD set) and twine is also from Pink By Design.  The chocolate covered strawberry was made with the Sweet Shop cricut cartridge.

That's my weekend in a nut shell.  Thanks for visiting and bearing with me through all my pics!  I hope each of you have an incredible Grandma just like I do!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Found you on the Pink Cricut Link Up Party! Love that strawberry card! It just looks so delicious! :)

  2. Thanks Lauren! I appreciate your kind words!


  3. Thanks Lauren! I appreciate your kind words!


  4. Love both of the cute cards- but, even more I loved reading about your trip and your awesome grandma!!! Margaritas, ziplining- wow!! So fun--and it's a teeny, tiny, funny that the boys wouldn't go- buy you and Grandma did!! :)

    1. She is truly amazing! This is my favorite post -a it just makes me smile -! Just like granny! I love her! And the boys aren't very adventurous.....grandma and I (and my mom and brothers have always said bring it on!).