Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Perfect Day

Hello ladies!  Yes, I have more honeymoon layouts this week!  I know, enough already!  I'm so in love with DCWV stacks (Surf's Up &Snapshot), and they are sooo perfect for our Hawaiian Honeymoon.  Inspiration has struck, so I MUST get this done!  It's almost been three years already (time flies)!  You will also find several PBD sentiments too (check out Pink Cricut's website (http://pinkcricut.com/) and link up your blog - or just see some great projects with tons of inspiration!

Take a look see......
These pictures are from the Tree House Cafe in Waikiki - We had just landed, drop our bags off, checked out our balcony view and headed for food!  8 hours on a plane is loooong time!  We were hungry and just wanted to STAND TALL for a while!  The Aloha....stamp is from Pink By Design Aloha Sentiment Stamp - I LOVE this set!  And of course, it works great with our pictures!

Now that our bellies are full, it's time to spend some time on the BEACH!!!   The sky was gorgeous, the water warm and well, my camera lens got wet!  :)  See the gorgeous lei's we were given on the beach.....so pretty!
So again as in all of the pictures, I used the DCWV Surf's Up and Snapshot Stacks.  The Aloha is from Pink By Design (http://www.pinkbydesignstore.com/cart.html) Aloha sentiment set.  This really was one of the BEST DAYS EVER!  We decided to go on a guided tour of O'ahu.  You can't tell from this picture, but we are standing on the beach where the TV show LOST was filmed.  Absolutely gorgeous....we went all over the place - coffee plantations, Dole Plantation the North Shore and Sunset Beach (known for BIG WAVE SURFING), and on and on and on....it was AMAZING!  We had sooo much fun!  Our driver's and tour guide's name was Rongo - he is native to Hawaii.  He referred to himself as WRONGWAY RONGO - we giggled.  We will always remember our tour and him - he made it fun and was so informative about the Island and it's history as well as the native culture!      

We decided to go out and explore one day on our own - this is Monday 9.14.12 - we've entered day 2 of wedded bliss and are just enjoying the Pacific!  The sentiment is from Pink By Design - Sandy Toes set - another perfect set for our beach pictures!
This photo of course has our LEI's again with our wedding rings laying in them as well as another pic from our tour and our first night on the beach.  The Forever sentiment stamp is from Pink By Design Definitely Definitions set.

Here are just a few more pics from our trip - including a more recognizable photo from the beach on which LOST was filmed....I hope you enjoy!
This is a tree with AMAZING color bark at Dole Plantation.

We are coming upon Dole Plantation - yummy pineapple ice cream inside that building!

Gorgeous View!


Lisa in LOST

So Serene...I LOVE the OCEAN

Our guide - Wrongway Rongo!

China Man's Hat


  1. Great layouts Lisa. They made me want to go back to Hawaii. I was there many years ago and it is truly beautiful. I saw your layout linked up on the Pink Cricut site and couldn't wait to see more of your work. I'm so glad I did. I hope you'll come check out my blog too.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely layouts.


    1. Thanks so much Paula! It's been almost 3 years since these photos were taken! I've finally started scrapping them. It takes me back and I so wish I was headed there again in the near future!

  2. Great layouts- and I love the picture of the writing in the sand :)

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Each summer that we get the chance to take a "beach" vacation, I draw in the sand and take another picture! I love it! My mom apparently did this with us in Florida when we were kids.....?!?!? hehe - she loved the picture too!